Southeast Asia's Pursuit of the Emerging Markets Growth Crown:
How Four Factors Could Shape Up Southeast Asian Growth


Monk’s Hill Angsana Council and Bain & Company are committed to enhancing global understanding of Southeast Asia in order to improve the region we live and work in. One of the most interesting findings in our report, and the greatest source of optimism, is how important the tech-enabled entrepreneurial economy is to overall growth. We are seeing signs that tech-enabled disruptors (TEDs) are accelerating growth in all Southeast Asian countries by impacting the most important economic growth levers governments have traditionally wielded: attracting investment, increasing competition and productivity, raising inclusion, and improving education and infrastructure.

Monk’s Hill Ventures, Angsana Council, and Bain & Company are proud of the role they play in contributing to growth in Southeast Asia. We hope, after reading this report, you share our optimism for the next decade.

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