This is The
Angsana Council

Founded in 2022, the Angsana Council is a non-profit group that is committed to increasing the growth and prosperity of Southeast Asian businesses and economies. The Angsana Council is led by members with a track record in accelerating economic and societal change in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission
and Vision

Our mission is to focus the world’s attention on the thriving region through dialogues with entrepreneurs, policymakers, and change agents. We advocate that steady historical growth is achieved by raising investment levels, promoting entrepreneurial activity, supporting growth-friendly policies, and strengthening institutions.

A cornerstone of the Angsana Council’s work is integrated insights from deep business, government, and social experience translated into comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research. The Angsana Council will also collaborate closely with thought leaders and changemakers who share our desire to positively impact the markets in Southeast Asia.

The Angsana Council Is Sponsored by Monk’s Hill Ventures

Why “Angsana” Council

Trees have long served as a place for reflection and friendly conversation, embodying wisdom, knowledge, stability, and abundance.

Angsana trees have large canopies and are balanced trees native to Southeast Asia. It is a fitting embodiment of our mission to collaborate with thought leaders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs around the world to support growth-friendly policies and institution strengthening in Southeast Asia.