Sharing deep insights on geopolitics and AI at the MEET Conference.

MEET Conference, the annual AGM of the Ancora Holdings Group, this year run in partnership with Ikhlas Capital was held between 20 and 22 July this year. The Angsana Council supported by sharing experience, research and expertise to dissect the key challenges and opportunities facing Southeast Asia. Attendees and other panelists included CEO, investors and business leaders across Southeast Asia. 

Gita Wirjawan, who is also Chairman of the Ancora Group, opened the conference by providing a thoughtful framing on how we could understand the global environment and what it means for Southeast Asia.

Charles Ormiston sharing the stage with Kevin Nealer opened the panel sessions with his reflections on whether this was the end of Western dominance. He offered a thoughtful conclusion that the current geopolitics will bring about more competition that could breed more innovation which could benefit not just the big players but also countries across ASEAN.

Peng T. Ong ended the day with a much anticipated discussion on AI‘s impact on industries and businesses. In his view, AI is at an inflexion point and holds much promise for businesses across the region by helping them recreate value generation.

The Angsana Council looks forward to bringing more of our research and thought leadership to communities across ASEAN and beyond.