Monk’s Hill Ventures Launches the Angsana Council

Monk’s Hill Ventures is proud to announce the Angsana Council. 

The Angsana Council is a non-profit group of esteemed members who have worked extensively in the diverse spheres of government, business, education, and community service, and is committed to increasing the growth and prosperity of Southeast Asian businesses and economies. Its mission is to focus the world’s attention on Southeast Asia through continuous dialogue with entrepreneurs, policymakers, and change agents.

The Angsana Council’s Exclusive Launch Dinner 

At our exclusive launch dinner, the Angsana Council had the pleasure of hosting entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across Southeast Asia. The evening witnessed a gathering committed to staying optimistic about the region’s growth story. Council members Mr. Charles Ormiston, Mr. George Yeo, Pak Gita Wirjawan & Mr. Peng T. Ong highlighted the Council’s mission and future initiatives through a spotlight on the Southeast Asian growth landscape over the next decade.