Bain and Angsana Council’s Joint Southeast Asia Report Launch

Bain & Company and The Angsana Council’s Joint Report Launch  

At our exclusive report launch event, Bain & Company and the Angsana Council hosted entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Southeast Asia. 

The afternoon witnessed a gathering of Southeast Asian founders, investors, and key stakeholders who were keen on hearing more about the Angsana Council’s informed views on Southeast Asia’s growth prospects over the next decade and also a deep dive into the questions that should help strategic and financial investors evaluate portfolio allocations to Southeast Asia:

  • What factors have driven Southeast Asia’s strong and steady growth over the last three decades? 
  • Is Southeast Asia set to maintain or improve on the growth trend? How have recent disruptive events (COVID, Ukraine-War, global inflation) impacted Southeast Asia’s prospects?
  • Within Southeast Asia, which countries will lead, and which will lag?

Despite Headwinds, Southeast Asia Will Pick Up Growth Rate in the Next Ten Years

During the event, we shared key findings of the report and touched on some key growth drivers that will impact the region’s growth. 

The Southeast Asian economy is forecasted to grow by 4-5% annually over the next 10 years, with Vietnam leading the charge at a projected growth of 5-7%. While many economists have correctly focused on the pro-growth policies, stable macroeconomics, and healthy demographics of Southeast Asia, they are often missing two critical sources of additional growth: 

  1. The growing impact of tech-enabled entrepreneurs on investment, productivity, and economic inclusion. 
  2. SE Asia’s largest trading relationships are with China; as China grows SE Asia grows.

Download the report by Bain & Company and Monk’s Hill Ventures’ Angsana Council, “Southeast Asia’s Pursuit of the Emerging Markets Growth: How four factors could propel Southeast Asia to improved growth”. here.